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Hiring a veteran direct marketing copywriter with a stellar track record can lead to more profit from your digital and print campaigns.

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I’ve helped A-list companies and small businesses generate millions of dollars in revenue. I provide online and print copy for circulation promotion, member acquisition and renewals, fundraising, financial services, and more. Two of my projects are 20+ year controls. Read More

Critiques & Edits

It’s tough to judge whether your own copy is effective, even if you’re a pro. I can significantly boost your response rates – quickly and cost-efficiently.

Send me your draft copy and I’ll revise it for a reasonable fee.

Books & eBooks

It is all at your fingertips!

Desktop-handy copywriting reference guides and permanent library additions.

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As a copywriter, your job is to answer every reader’s main question: “What’s in it for me?

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Creator of multi-decade control mailings & DMA Copywriting Seminars


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