Catherine R. Lincoln, CAE, MA
International Affairs, American Academy of Otolarynology–Head and Neck Surgery

This is an enthusiastic testimonial for Donna Baier Stein, one of the best copywriters I have ever met, and one who willingly and generously shares her talents and experience with others through teaching, coaching and mentoring. Way to go, Donna!

Doug Hamer
Sr. Graphic Designer at Constant Contact

“My 25+ year collaboration with Donna draws me to one conclusion…she is one of the best creative minds in the business. Anyone who has worked with, hired, or simply read her writing, knows the breadth of her talent. The DM community has a mentor, teacher, author, and shining star. Her clients have a true professional who gets them what they need…results! And the bonus, she’s the most delightful person to work with. I highly recommend Donna!”

Liz Riedl
Vice President, Marketing Services

If I could check all attributes, I would for Donna. She is an expert in direct reponse copywriting, always creative, personable, on time. Every time I’ve worked with Donna has been a wonderful experience.

Pat Friesen
Experienced online and offline writer, creative strategist and trainer

“The Woman of Words” is how I refer to my friend and fellow direct response writer, Donna Baier Stein. One look at her accomplishments and you’ll see why. As an accomplished author, publisher, editor, novelist, teacher and direct mail copywriter, Donna’s talents and dedication to the written word have made their mark. It was a privilege to be included in her copywriter’s handbook, “Write On Target.”

Fred Vallejo, Direct Marketing Copywriter
Copywriter & Creative Consultant

Donna is one of the most competent, professional copywriters I know. We’ve been friends and competitors over a long period of years now. I have great respect for Donna as a person, and for her work.

Marjorie Vree
Independent Creative Director/Art Director

Donna’s extensive experience in DM and intimate knowledge of the art of copywriting were evident from the beginning of our project with her, and as we progressed, she became a partner in the strategy of the concept as well. I would highly recommend Donna – she is always professional and willing to share her knowledge of the industry, and she’s a pleasure to work with, too.

Kurtis Ruf
Partner/Owner – Ruf Strategic Solutions

Donna is a professional copy writer who has all the skills and tools necessary to make any campaign a tremendous success. She has several programs that are still the control for large national direct marketers. Donna has high integrity, has been mentored by the best in the industry, and is a sharp direct response consultant. She has a high level view that goes beyond creative and into offer and database strategy which makes her unique among her peers. I would recommend Donna to anyone who wants a sucessful e-marketing or direct response campaign.

Rich Hagle
Editor & Publisher at Racom Communications and Owner, Racom Communications

I’ve worked with Donna in a variety of capacities and a variety of roles for 15 years as both her editor and her client. I always found her work to be first rate and always found it a pleasure to work with her.

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