A Note from Donna


Donna Baier SteinA personal note from Donna Baier Stein…

You might say I grew up in the family business, but without a storefront or factory. Along with the ABCs, my father taught me AIDA. Instead of “don’t stay out too late,” he urged, “Benefits, Donna, benefits.” You see, I call him “Dad” – but others call him Martin Baier, Father of ZIP code marketing and one of the top fifty leading direct marketing thinkers. Throughout my childhood, Dad and his lifelong friend (and fellow marketing innovator) Bob Stone nurtured my fascination with the craft of direct marketing.

Needless to say, DM is in my DNA.

I also knew from the beginning that I was a writer. After graduate school, Patsy Bogle of Southern Living hired me as an admin at Times-Mirror Magazines.  I remember a strong case of professional butterflies after seeing the great Dick Benson in the lobby.

You know what it’s like. When you truly love something, every opportunity to do it feels like a gift. I was thrilled to be paid to write, even in a windowless office, on a typewriter with an “e” key that stuck whenever it rained. Three months after arriving at Times-Mirror, I was promoted to Junior Copywriter and had my first opportunity to write real copy for books like Trout Fishing and Biography of a Tree. Once again, Bob Stone stepped in; he critiqued my copy and warned me against using too many exclamation points! (I mean, “…exclamation points.”)

After several wonderful years at Times Mirror, I moved on to a stint at an ad agency and then freelance copywriting. Each new role and client taught me something about direct marketing. I spent a marathon weekend turning out three complete direct mail packages for Defenders of Wildlife. I developed control mailings that have mailed more than 25 years. I served on boards, received honors, taught courses, published books, and more.

But here’s what my story means for you: If you’re reading this, you’re either interested in finding a copywriter, learning to write copy yourself, or simply curious. Contact me today, and we’ll talk!

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